Discussion on Food Waste.

The CSR Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce convened its 2nd Sustainable Talks initiative, As Food as It Gets, on November 22 at Loulis Mills. Sustainable Talks is a series of single subject discussions aiming to create a constructive dialogue platform on the integration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the Greek business reality. The event was hosted and sponsored by Loulis Mills company in Keratsini.

The participants from various key industries had the opportunity to visit the new Loulis Mills Museum, recently renovated.  The Museums’ vision is to preserve the history and tradition of wheat cultivation and processing, to record the role and importance of bread in various aspects of everyday life over time, to showcase the importance of the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle and an element of civilization and to raise awareness of environmental and dietary issues.

The visitors had the chance to see a significant collection of bread stamps, mill machinery and equipment dating back to 1894, folklore tools, documents, photographs and many more objects associated with wheat processing and bread making.

They also visited the Greek Baking School, also located at the company’s premises in Keratsini. Greek Baking School was created to offer comprehensive and fast-track seminars on baking, food technology and bakery marketing, so as to truly help & train professionals to stand out, by providing all the technical and theoretical knowledge that will help them meet modern challenges.

The tour was followed by a very interesting discussion on Food Waste, which is nowadays a major concern towards sustainable growth, all over the world.

The opening speech was addressed by Nikos Loulis, President of Loulis Mills, followed by Pakis Papademetriou, Chair, CSR Committee & Corporate Quality Manager, Athens International Airport. Angeliki Papadopoulou, Corporate Affairs Manager, Nestle Hellas and CSR Committee member, moderated the discussion with speakers, Alexander Theodoridis, Co-Founder, Boroume and Dimitris Nentas, Managing Director, Food Bank, who presented the contribution and efforts of their organizations.

During the discussion the importance of food waste issue was stressed out, as it has wide social, economic and environmental impacts. Fortunately, there seems to be increased will among concerned stakeholders to contribute and find solutions to the problem.

Through awareness and sustainable practices, the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Loulis Mills company support a new food waste management vision in which all stakeholders in the food chain can actively address this phenomenon.