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Diet & Health

SEVT assumes that there is no good and bad food. On the contrary, SEVT believes that, in order to maintain one’s health, a more balanced and healthy diet should be adopted; combined with adequate physical activity, appropriate information and training of both students and parents. Nevertheless, body weight and health are affected by many varied factors, such as a genetic predisposition, dietary habits, lifestyle and availability of food.

Healthy nutrition is a very important issue, especially as far as children are concerned, and should be viewed holistically, through the implementation of a responsible educational policy and training, aiming at reducing obesity. All involved parties should collaborate in order to achieve the above goal: Authorities, scientific community, industry, retail market, catering and consumers. Therefore, we need to initiate a constructive dialogue among all involved parties, in order to reach substantial solutions for the future and promote the contribution of the Food Industry to the achievement of a balanced and healthy nutrition.