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SEVT organized the awarding ceremony of the 5th ECOTROPHELIA competition in Athens, on 24th of June 2015.



National Committee

  • Evangelos Kaloussis / SEVT President
  • Antonia Trichopoulou / Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens
  • Konstantina Kallimani / KALLIMANIS SA
  • Rodios Gamvros / President of SEVT Scientific Committee


Technical Committee

  • Antonis Kambanis – NESTLE HELLAS S.A.
  • Kostas Karavasillis -  ELBISCO S.A.
  • Tasos Klapsis – COCA COLA 3E HELLAS S.A.
  • Manolis Repanis – MELISSA KIKIZAS S.A.
  • Ioannis Smarnakis - PALLAS S.A.


Students Teams


1st Team

University: National Technical University of Athens

Product: «The Greek Salad Drink»

Description: The Greek Salad Drink is a typical drink, which contains all the main ingredients that are present in the Greek Salad accompanied with some added bioactive compounds to provide special and targeted functional properties.


2nd Team

University: National Technical University of Athens

Product: «Greek Salad on the Go»

Description: The Greek Salad on the Go is a significantly stable under refrigerated conditions, minimally processed Greek salad constituted from Greek fresh tomato, cucumber, caper, traditional Greek feta cheese and Greek olive oil. It can be stored at ambient conditions, too.


3rd Team

University: National Technical University of Athens

Product: «Afepsima»

Description: Afepsima is a prickly pear juice concentrate with honey, dictamnus and mountain Cretan tea extracts. Afepsima is a nutraceutical and functional product as it embraces essential ingredients, such as antioxidant compounds and soluble fibres.


4th Team

University: National and Kapodostrian University of Athens

Product: «Active drops Caramel»

Description: Active Drops Caramels are sugarless candies with Greek flora herbs, vitamin C and natural additives.


5th Team

University: Harokopeio University

Product: «Sativa Biscuits»

Description: SATIVA is a sweet biscuit made of hemp seed flour and oil, carob and lemon, has an additional nutritional value and recyclable functional package-becomes a flower pot after use!


6th Team

University: Agricultural University of Athens

Product: «DIOS VALANI»

Description: DIOS VALANI is a high added value product based on the use of Greek chestnuts fortified with natural ingredients, essential components of the Mediterranean diet, such as olive oil and red saffron, consumed primarily as an appetizer.


7th Team

University: University of Aegean

Product: «TARTIQUE»

Description: "Tartique" is a tangerine tart with cocoa, high in fiber. It is a healthy sweet option for people who suffer from diabetes and it does not contain any trace of lactose, gluten or salt.


8th Team

University: National Hellenic Research Foundation

Product: «μeRáki»

Description: μeRáki is a “smart” salad dressing which consists of ingredients from the Greek land: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, raki, honey and dittany. It has a long shelf-life, due to its innovative technology and eco-friendly packaging.


9th Team

University: University of Aegean

Product: «Prickl 8»

Description: Prickl 8 is unique, since the main raw material is the prickly pear. It is a functional, ecological and ready for consumption cool dessert with low fat and sugars.


10th Team

University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Product: «Gluten Care Muffin»

Description: The Gluten Care Muffin is a gluten-free bakery snack/dessert, enriched with acorn flour and dietary fibers.


11th Team

University: University of Aegean

Product: «Spinberries»

Description: The SpinBerries is an innovative eco ready to eat dessert using 100% Greek raw materials. Main ingredients are concentrated must from Lemnos and oats from Thesprotia and 2 species herbs (mint, equizetum) and 2 types of berries (cranberries, blueberries). Further includes apricot cores available as a by-product from organic farming.


12th Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «TYROYO - Raisin Delight»

Description: TYROYO - Raisin Delight is a novel bioactive yogurt dessert produced from fresh, physically concentrated cow’s cheese whey, combined with fresh cow’s milk, Greek P.D.O.  Korinthian black raisins, cholesterol-lowering oat β-glucans, and antioxidant olive polyphenols, in a “zero discharge” process, where whey is totally utilized and transformed to a nutritional and health-promoting delicacy.


13th Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «Artothalassies»

Description: “Artothalassies” is an organic innovative product rich in fibre. The product belongs to the category of ‘’bread’’. The innovation of “Artothalassies” is the full replacement of water and cooking salt from seawater.


14th Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «Marm eλλada»

Description: ‘’Marm eλλada’’ is an innovative organic jam made with organic carrots and organic pumpkins, doesn’t contain any added sugar or preservatives. This unique product, made in Karditsa, is rich in fibers, contains natural sweeteners, is bright orange, with pleasant flavor and texture and all of that with just a few calories.


Awarded Products

  • 1st Prize / 1.200€ & Participation to the ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2015, will be held in MILAN EXPO 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" from 4th to 6th of October 2015: Marm eλλada
  • 2nd Prize / 800€: Greek Salad on the Go
  • 3rd Prize /  500€: TYROYO - Raisin Delight
  • Prize of Better Presentation: DIOS VALANI & TARTIQUE
  • Prize of Better Marketing Plan: Gluten Care Muffin