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SEVT organized the awarding ceremony of the 4th ECOTROPHELIA competition in Athens, on 2nd of July 2014.




National Committee

  • Evangelos Kaloussis / SEVT President
  • Antonia Trichopoulou / Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens
  • Gregory Anoniadis / President of the Hellenic Advertisers Association
  • Daniele Rossi / Member of the ECOTROPHELIA Europe Judging Panel
  • Rodios Gamvros / President of SEVT Scientific Committee


Technical Committee

  • Antonis Kambanis – NESTLE HELLAS S.A.
  • Kostas Karavasillis -  COCA COLA HELLAS S.A.
  • Eleftherios Makras – PAPADOPOULOS S.A.
  • Manolis Repanis – MELISSA KIKIZAS S.A.
  • Ioannis Smarnakis - PALLAS S.A.


Participating Students Teams


1st Team

University: University of the Aegean

Product: «ARESI»

Description: The choco-paste ARESI is both a healthy and easy-to-use snack because of its special recipe's and packaging's features. An unexpected combination between the natural sweetener stevia and lactose free milk is now enclosed in a squeeze-type packaging and can be enjoyed by everyone any time.


2nd Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «B-tahini»

Description: B-tahini, has been designed in order to provide an eco-friendly gluten free product without preservatives and beneficial ingredients. Its organic flour mix, organic tahini and honey make it ideal for a healthy diet and also offers consumers with gluten consumption problems a safe alternative.


3rd Team

University: University of the Aegean

Product: «Romvus»

Description: Romvus is an innovative ecological product with 100% Greek raw materials from organic farming. The main ingredients are Greek Vanilla-fir honey from Mt. Mainalon (PDO), concentrated orange juice from Laconia and organic herbal extracts from Crete and Icaria.


4th Team

University: National Technical University

Product: «Fystiki Halva»

Description: Fystiki Halva is a confectionary, ready to eat product, with high nutritional value which comes in two versions: pistachios paste, a mash produced by grinding dehulled roasted pistachios seeds, carob honey (syrup from carob), sweeteners (sugar), sesame oil and bitter orange or fig fruit.


5th Team

University: University of the Aegean

Product: «Mastinia»

Description: Mastinia is an innovative ecological product, based on traditional recipes. Mastinia is breadsticks with four different tastes. The first flavour is basil, the second is aniseed,the third is spinach and the fourth flavour is carrot with Chian tangerine.


6th Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «KetchupEco»

Description: KetchupEco is a sour flavoured ketchup based on tomatoes. It can be consumed as an accompanying sauce of the main dish and used as a flavor enhancer.


7th Team

University: TEI of Thessaly

Product: «Double Joy»

Description: Double Joy, a cream and jelly dessert, demonstrates an ecological profile by using organic grape and pomegranate juices and also by exploiting dairy industry’s waste (whey proteins). All ingredients mix and match giving a highly nutritious and tasty dessert with a special eco- character. 


8th Team

University: National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Product: «Cheese & Health»

Description: Cheese and Health is an innovative food that can be described as a cheese made from sheep's organic milk (100%) contained in a specially made innovative brine containing at first aqueous concentrated extract of the cultivated in Greece herb oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) which is rich in bioactive componentsand secondly the brine itself contains a reduced salt content (sodium chloride (50%).


9th Team

University: Agricultural University of Athens

Product: «Carobites»

Description: Carobites is a naturally sweet, nutritionally superior Ready-To-Eat product (desert-snack), owing its special taste in carobs’ inherent sweetness.It has no added sugar, while its high energy and low fat, high dietary fiber and calcium content, render it perfect choice for everyone.


Awarded Products

  • 1st Prize / 1.200€ & Participation to the European Competition: Carobites
  • 2nd Prize / 800€: Mastinia
  • 3rd Prize /  500€: KetchupEco