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SEVT organized the awarding ceremony of the 1st ECOTROPHELIA competition in Athens, on 12th of September 2011.


National Committee

  • Evangelos Kaloussis / SEVT President
  • Antonia Trichopoulou / Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens
  • Gregory Antoniadis / President of the Hellenic Advertisers Association
  • Daniele Rossi / Member of the ECOTROPHELIA Europe Judging Panel
  • Rodios Gamvros / President of SEVT Scientific Committee.


Technical Committee

  • I. Patera / ELBISCO S.A.
  • Sp. Gianpapas / FAGE S.A.
  • K. Karavassilis / ELAIS-UNILEVER SA
  • St. Kirkagaslis / JOTIS S.A.


Participating Students Teams


1st Team

University: Agricultural University of Athens

Product: «Magic Key» (magiki)

Description:  Magic Key belongs to the category of dressings. For its production innovative, less investigated ingredients were used such as fenugreek gum, whey protein and extra virgin organic olive oil.


2nd Team

Universities: University of the Aegean & Agricultural University of Athens

Product: «Sweet Variation - Semolina Halva»

Description: Sweet Variation - Semolina Halva is an innovative, eco-friendly product that combines the traditional Greek semolina halva recipe with the international trends of functional  and ecological products.


3rd Team

Universities: University of Ioannina & Hellenic Open University

Product: «Da Vero - Ecoseafood cold cuts»

Description: «Da Vero - Ecoseafood cold cuts» is a seafood cold cuts taht compines the most nutritious ingredients and the eco-frendly character. It is composed from squid and octopus by-products, often separated from commercially valuable parts during regular processing.


4th Team

University: National Technical University

Product: «Green Mediterranean Deli Salad»

Description: «Green Mediterranean Deli Salad» is a mixture of selected aromatic and tasty ingredients of organic agriculture of the Greek countryside such as avocado, Aloe Vera juice, corn, carrots, cucumbers, pea, caper and it is packaged in sealed, transparent, polypropylene containers or pouches.


5th Team

University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Προϊόν: «eLadiko»

Περιγραφή: eLadiko is fermented sausage produced with total replacement of pork fat with olive oil and addition of probiotics and dietary fibers.


6th Team

University: University of Patra

Product: «Siero drink»

Description: Siero drink is a tonic and nutritious whey beverage that is enriched with the unique aroma of Pafos’ mastic gum.


Awarded Products


  • 1st Prize / 1.200€ & Participation to the European Competition: Da Vero - Ecoseafood cold cuts
  • 2nd Prize / 800€: Sweet Variation-Semolina Halva
  • 3rd Prize /  500€: Magic Key & Green Mediterranean Deli Salad