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SEVT organized the awarding ceremony of the 2nd ECOTROPHELIA competition in Athens, on 10th of September 2012.

National Committee

  • Evangelos Kaloussis / SEVT President
  • Antonia Trichopoulou / Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens
  • Gregory Antoniadis / President of the Hellenic Advertisers Association
  • Daniele Rossi / Member of the ECOTROPHELIA Europe Judging Panel
  • Rodios Gamvros / President of SEVT Scientific Committee.


Technical Committee

  • I. Patera / ELBISCO S.A.
  • Sp. Gianpapas / FAGE S.A.
  • K. Karavassilis / ELAIS-UNILEVER S.A.
  • A. Kambanis / NESTLE HELLAS S.A.


Participating Students Teams


1st Team

University: National Technical University

Product: «Νutri Meal on the Go»

Description: Nutri Meal on the Go belongs to the category of shelf-stable savoury foods. The developed product constitutes from ingredients of high concentration in proteins and dietary fibres as well as from some spices and flavourful herbs that attribute sensory characteristics, antioxidant activity and stability to the final product.


2nd Team

Universities: National Technical University

Product: «Cereal4»

Description: Cereal4 is a multicereal powdered base for milk beverage or dessert (pudding). It contains a mildly processed mixture of four cereal sources (rye, oat, rice and corn), carob flour, with natural flavor components (orange- mastic or cinnamon-ginger) and alternative sweetener (encapsulated stevia). It is designed for reconstitution in milk and it can be served as a base for both a healthy, nutritional hot or cold beverage and a delicious dessert (pudding).


3rd Team

Universities: University of the Aegean

Product: «ENDECA»

Description: ENDECA is an innovative ecological drink with Greek organic grape water and organic herbal extracts that possess high antioxidant activity, Greek organic vanilla-fir honey as natural sweetener and enriched in antioxidant vitamins C and E (Ecological Nutritional Drink with vitamins E & C Antioxidant).


4th Team

University: University of the Aegean

Product: «Stevie bar - Think Thin»

Description: The Stevie bar - Think Thin is an innovative, no added sugar, low Glycaemic Index cereal bar with a highlighted eco-character, expressed through the use of biodegradable polymers for its secondary packaging. It’s enriched with fibres and vitamins and as sweeteners are used Steviol Glycosides (isolated from Stevia Rebaudiana).


5th Team

University: University of the Aegean

Product: «Crispy Delight»

Description: Crispy Delight is a premium snack. It is a gluten free product which consists of crackers and a Mediterranean accompaniment dip with Greek herbs.


6th Team

University: Agricultural University of Athens

Product: «Probiotic green olives»

Description: Probiotic green olives are a high added value product deriving from the traditional Spanish-style inoculated fermentation of green Greek olives. The product has been processed with selected strains of lactic acid bacteria that have been previously isolated from the microflora of Greek olives and characterized for their in vitro probiotic potential.


7th Team

University: National Technical University

Product: «Reberyberry»

Description: Reberyberry is a sugarless marmalade constituted from Greek fresh organic strawberries, the sugar alcohol Erythritol and Rebaudioside A, the natural sweetener from the plant Stevia.


Awarded Products

  • 1st Prize / 1.200€ & Participation to the European Competition: Cereal4
  • 2nd Prize / 800€: Probiotic green olives & Reberyberry
  • 3rd Prize /  500€: ENDECA & Crispy Delight