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The Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT) organized on June 25th, 2019 the 9th National competition for eco-innovative food products ECOTROPHELIA. The competition is organized by SEVT since 2011 with great success.


The products of ECOTROPHELIA GREECE 2019:



1st Team

Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition.

Product: GReatings

Description: A Ready-To-Cook meal-pot, consisted of discrete dried ingredients, which may be instantly reconstituted by just adding hot water, rendering to diverted traditional, nutritious and indulgent meals.


2nd Team

National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering.

Product: Coofie

Description: It is a ready to eat biscuit with unique and exquisite taste made with natural ingredients, characterized as low fat, low saturated fat, low sodium/salt and high in fiber. It is formulated to promote the consumption of fibers especially in gluten free diets.


3rd Team

Harokopio University, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Product: HOLI BEAN

Description: It is a savory paste of fermented white beans, extra virgin olive oil and spices. It is a vegan spread, non-dairy alternative, naturally rich in probiotics, antioxidants, antithrombotic agents, fiber and vitamins.


4th Team

University of The Aegean, Food Science and Nutrition Department

Product: Grap é Roll

Description: It is an innovative ecological product, made of condensed grape juice (which is known as “Petimezi”) as the main ingredient. It is based on a traditional ancient Greek recipe. It is filled with cream and nuts and covered with plant origin chocolate leading to crunchy texture.


5th Team

International Hellenic University

Product: FrozéYo

Description: It is a low-fat dairy fermented frozen dessert (frozen-yoghurt) with functional properties and high nutritional value, due to honey and pomegranate addition.


6th Team

University of The Aegean, Food Science and Nutrition Department


Description: It is an ecological nutritious energy drink that contains traditional ingredients from Mediterranean earth (pomegranate juice, carob honey, essential mint oil) and certified organic plant extracts of herbs (olive leaf, lavender and thyme).



7th Team

University of West Attica

Product: ButVeg

Description: It is an innovative, eco-friendly product that consists of both vegetable fat spread and  fruit pulp from fruits and vegetables by-products.




8th Team

University of Thessaly

Product: VegNut power

Description: It is a chestnut and walnut powder, ideal for refreshing drinks. It is a dairy-free substance, totally vegan (free from animal origin ingredients). With the addition of grape molasses, it can be used as a sweetener.



9th Team

University of Thessaloniki, International Hellenic University & Aegean University

Product: Araobusto

Description: It is a Instant coffee in the form of powder, produced by dehydrating cold brewed coarsely ground coffee beans.

The awarded products

1st Prize & Better Marketing Plan Prize: GReatings
2nd Prize: Coofie
3rd Prize: HOLI BEAN
Better Presentation Prize: ROBUSTUS