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The Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT) organised on June 26th, 2018 the 8th National competition for eco-innovative food products ECOTROPHELIA.


The products of ECOTROPHELIA GREECE 2018


1st Team


Product: Yess

Description: It’s a greek low-fat dessert yogurt made of goat milk with the benefit of twice the protein of regular low fat dessert yogurt, the benefits of probiotic culture Bifidobacterium animalis lactis, enriched with coffee antioxidants, free of caffeine.


2nd Team


Product: Chestnicks

Description: Its a functional biscuit, with basic ingredient chestnut flour and a small amount of corn starch in order to improve its consistency.


3rd Team

University of Western Attica - University of Ioannina - TEI of Peloponnese

Product: YOGON

Description: Its an instant yoghurt smoothie with long life and various flavors. It contains naturally dried fruits from natural processes. By adding an appropriate amount of water, it turns into a delicious and nutritional smoothie.


4th Team

Agricultural University of Athens

Product: Pyra-Meal

Description: It's a convenient and indulgent Ready-To-Eat (RTE) product, consisted of four different levels of decreasing size, forming a pyramid.


5th Team

University of Aegean & Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Product: Bee’s Knees

Description: “Bee‟s Knees” is an innovative, functional product, of natural unprocessed honeycomb containing its honey.



6th Team

National Technical University of Athens

Product: EeliΩ3s

Description: It's an omega-3 rich, innovative eco-friendly  barbecue-type ready-to-eat sauce.


7th Team

National and Kapodostrian University of Athens

Product: Herbaqua

Description: It's an enriched aquatic product of Greek origin. Its innovation is based on selected combinations of herbs that provide beneficial effects to the consumer.


8th Team

National Technical University of Athens

Product: GRIOCHE

Description: It's a brioche type bakery product, containing microalgae origin replacers instead of butter and eggs.



The awarded products

  • 1st Prize: Chestnicks
  • 2nd Prize: YOGON
  • 3rd Prize: Herbaqua & GRIOCHE
  • Better Marketing Plan Prize: Bee’s Knees
  • Better Presentation Prize: Pyrameal