The Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT) organised on June 27th, 2017 the 7th National competition for eco-innovative food products ECOTROPHELIA.


The products of ECOTROPHELIA GREECE 2017


1st Team

Harokopio University

Product: Refudyn

Description: RefuDyn energy bars: the nutritional survival ally with innovative ingredients for vulnerable populations


2nd Team

National Technical University of Athens

Product: AVOYOG Smoothie Beverage

Description: AVOYOG is a smoothie beverage containing fresh avocado and Greek-type strained yoghurt whey, enriched with prebiotic fibers and natural antioxidant extract.


3rd Team

National Technical University of Athens & Institute of Agricultural Products ELGO-DEMETER

Product: Veggie Cuts

Description: The “Veggie Cuts” is a Bologna sausage type cold cut made with vegetable ingredients (mashed vegetables).


4th Team

National Technical University of Athens

Product: Eli

Description: A savory snack made from Greek green olives in a crispy coating offering new taste experience.


5th Team

TEI of Athens & University of Ioannina

Product: Sweet choice

Description: Sweet CHOice is a chocolate substitute with a pleasant aftertaste.  It has no sugar added and low fat.



6th Team

National and Kapodostrian University of Athens

Product: FavorEat

Description: FavorEat is a salty cookie, which has low fatty content, no sugar and no additives or preservatives and a high nutritional value.


7th Team

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Product: Olive Spread

Description: OLIVE-SPREAD is a spread of cottage cheese from organic goat’s milk with olive leaf extract. Contains olive oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil and a small amount of flavored salt with thyme essential oil.


8th Team

Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki - Agricultural Univeristy of Athens - National Technical University of Athens

Product: Yomast

Description: Yomast is a Greek yogurt 2% lactose free with mastiha, enriched by vitamin D,calcium and phosphorus.


9th Team

Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki

Product: Rodi ‘n’ Roll

Description: Rodi ‘n’ Roll is a pomegranate based, healthy snack for the entire family, everywhere and anytime


10th Team

University of Aegean

Product: Troissant

Description: Troissant is an innovative snack, which features three croissants per package and comes out in a unique flavour: a combination of tahini with cocoa and tahini with prebiotic fibers. It can be consumed by the general public.


11th Team

TEI of Thessaly

Product: Don Cake

Description: Don Cake is the first healthy on-the-go snack that offers goat and donkey milk filling in two protein-based fiber-rich layers and can alone constitute the main part of a fast breakfast, or a fine way to curb hunger throughout the day without compromises in taste or health.


12th Team

University of Aegean

Product: Honey Bee Good

Description: Honey Bee Good is an innovative, eco-friendly, organic and health-promoting honey-based product.


13th Team

TEI of Thessaly

Product: MedVerger

Description: MedVerger is a fresh, tasteful, colorful, preservative-free, bioactive vegan burger based on a variety of vegetables than consist the basis of a balanced Mediterranean diet.


14th Team

University of Aegean

Product: Fig roll

Description: Fig roll is an ecological nutritious snack. The filling consists of four Greek sun-dried fruit (fig, apricot, raisin and plum), which have high nutritional value. The crust contains a combination of a variety of protein-based flour (chickpeas, lentils).


15th Team

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Product: Cooked Chicken – veggie sausage

Description: Cooked Chicken – veggie sausage is a thermal processed chicken meat product. It is very fine comminuted with no visible particles of meat. On the contrary there are many visible particles of the processed vegetables of 3-4mm size.


The awarded products

  • 1st Prize: AVOYOG Smoothie Beverage
  • 2nd Prize: Yomast
  • 3rd Prize: Eli
  • FoodPrint Prize: Veggie Cuts
  • Better Marketing Plan Prize : Honey Bee Good
  • Better Presentation Prize : Don Cake