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Our Members

SEVT membership is made up of food and drink companies and sector associations. The primary goals of SEVT are:

  • To ensure high-level communications with its Members, and
  • To actively represent the Greek Food Industry in the Greek state, its partners and the society in general.

Services offered to the SEVT Members:

We provide:

  • Documented and continuous updates in industry related topics.
  • Support in administrative, legal, labour and scientific issues.
  • Training.
  • Information on national and European projects.
  • Participation in specialised and sectoral events.

We send:

  • A monthly bulletin
  • Circulars
  • Announcements for tenders and programmes
  • Financial reports and studies
  • Requests for international co-operations
  • Expressions of interest for business missions

Their interests are supported with:

  • Interventions-Opinions on national or European legal texts.
  • Co-operation with all levels of the civil service and the institutions of the Greek society.
  • Participation in Committees which formulate national and European policies organizations (EFET, OPE, OMED, FOODDRINKEUROPE, European Commission).