The Winners!!!

The prize winners of  ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2015, The Champion's League of Food Innovation, was unveiled Tuesday, October 6th at the Universal Exhibition in Milan. The  jury chaired  by  Michel COOMANS, former Director of Food Industry Department - European Commission DG Enterprise, awarded 4 awards and € 15,000 in prizes to the most innovative food products:

  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Gold is awarded to HUNGARY: VeSage, Sliceable, vegetable based cold cuts with high nutritional value. Corvinus University of Budapest received a donation of € 8,000.
  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Silver is awarded to ITALY: Fresh - App, An eco - innovative drink obtained from orange and apple peel. Universita' degli studi di Napoli Federico II received a donation of € 4,000.
  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Bronze is awarded to FRANCE: Gréneo, Crunchy nuggets of legumes: Gréneo Coral lentils and Gréneo Split peas. ENSAIA, École Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires de l'Université de Lorraine - Nancy, received a donation of € 2,000.
  • Special Departmental Council of Vaucluse Innovation Award is offered to CROATIA: Unita the Edible Thread, Edible thread characterized by its strength, elasticity and multifunctionality. Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb received a donation of €1,000.

The  award  ceremony  took  place  in  the  presence  of eighty  five  engineering  students working  in  the  food industry, jury  members, representatives  of Higher  Education  Institutions, Food  National  Federations, companies and Organizers.

Sixteen  European  countries  have  participated  in  ECOTROPHELIA  Europe  2015.  Following  a  year  of  national selection,  Germany,  Austria,  Belgium,  Croatia,  Denmark,  Spain,  France,  Greece,  Hungary,  Iceland,  Italy,  the Netherlands,  Romania,  the  UK,  Serbia  and  Slovenia  presented  in  Milan  their  most  visionary  food  creation,  designed in an industrial approach and adapted to the European distribution system. With regard to the quality of the projects submitted to the jury, ECOTROPHELIA Europe strengthens its dual role  with  a  pool  of  talent,  skills  and  innovations  for  the  food  industry  and  instructional  models  for  teaching food innovation in Europe.

Since 2011 ECOTROPHELIA Europe has motivated the organization of 75 national competitions, mobilized 550 universities and more than 3,000 students. Around forty ECOTROPHELIA Europe
products have been developed and marketed.