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in the context of ECOTROPHELIA

The event «Modern Education and Food Industry: Together for the skills of the new generation» took place on July 6th, in Athens, in the context of the National ECOTROPHELIA Competition. 

Mrs. V. Papadimitriou, SEVT Director General, made the opening speech giving the floor to Mrs. F. Salta, SEVT Project Manager, who presented the scope and results of FEEDtheMIND & DigiFoodEdu projects. Mr. K. Tsilidis, HR Manager, NIKAS SA, talked about the skills that are required by the young generation and the modern needs of businesses. Prof. P. Taoukis, NTUA, shared his experiences regarding the Covid-19 pandemic impacts and the digital transformation of education.

A roundtable discussion was organized on «ECOTROPΗELIA & Internships: Tools for the development of skills». Mr. P. Scandamis, Professor, Agricultural University of Athens, Mrs. Z. Zachariadou, Human Resources Business Partner, YIOTIS SA, Mr. El. Makras, R&D Manager Ε.Ι. PAPADOPOULOS SA and Mrs. A. Christodoulou, member of the team that won the National ECOTROPHELIA Competiton in 2021, shared valuable insights.

It was an interesting and fruitful discussion that depicted the needs that arised for both students and institutions from the recent crisis and the significant role that the above two projects could play. 

In the context of FFEDtheMIND project, Pangea (a european team formed by students from Austria, France, Greece, Slovenia & Spain), presented the product Refresh, a tea containing an innovative combination of ingredients, during the National ECOTROPHELIA Competition.