SEVT (Federation of Hellenic Food Industries) is organising the 12th National competition for eco-innovative food products. Greek ECOTROPHELIA is a competition for creating eco-innovative food products with a commercial potential. It aims both to support greek students engaged in food science and to become a hotbed of innovative ideas for the Food Industry.

The competition is conducted in two stages: In the first stage national organisations from European Union Member states, and / or National organisations from European countries not in the European Union, and / or Non-European national organisations as associated countries are organizing the competition at National level. In the second stage, the teams which have won the national competitions participate in the European competition. 

At the Greek competition can participate student team made up of at least 2 (two) and no more than 10 (ten) students. Each student must be registered at a Greek higher education establishment or science or business school. PhD students and students over 30 (thirty) years old are not accepted.

The competition has three prizes and 2 horonary prizes:

  • ECOTROPHELIA Greece Gold Prize: € 1.500 and participation to the European contest.
  • ECOTROPHELIA Greece Silver Prize: € 1.000.
  • ECOTROPHELIA Greece Bronze Prize: € 800.
  • Best Presentation Prize: € 500.
  • Best Marketing Plan & Promotion Prize: € 500.

The food product entered in the competition must meet all the criteria set out in the following official specifications, without the list of these criteria being drawn up in increasing or decreasing order of importance.

The food product must:

  • not be placed to the maket up to day of the competition,
  • be fit for human consumption and aimed at consumers,
  • be marketable in retail distribution or the restaurant and hotel sectors,
  • be innovative in one or several aspects compared to food products already on the market. This innovation can come especially from the concept, and/or technology, and/or recipe, and/or packaging…,
  • take on board eco-innovation, which could mean the basic ingredients (origin, organic or with low carbon footprint) and/or packaging (recyclable) and/or manufacturing process (energy saving, water recycling) and/or distribution-logistics (new channels or direct consumer sales), making it easier for all businesses in the food production chain to integrate the environmental dimension,
  • stand out for its taste, nutritional or other qualities,
  • be reproducible for manufacturing in a production unit based on technical specifications (ingredients, manufacturing process, cost price, business investment…),
  • conform to relevant regulations (processing, additives and ingredients, packaging, labelling, advertising standards, food safety…),
  • be commercially relevant (suitable for a local and/or national and/or European market and meeting a demand, marketing plan, packaging, logistics…),
  • show global coherence for all the criteria set out above.

To take part in the competition, the students' teams must submit electronically: the Participation Form, by April, 1st and then the full technical dossier, filled in with the required fields, by June 3rd, 2022, at the latest.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on July 6th, 2022. 

For more information, contact Dr F. Salta (Τ: +30 210 6711177, 6723215, e-mail: fotsal@sevt.gr).