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Sustainability Awards

Supporting the SMEs

We are happy to inform you that applications are now open for the SME Sustainability Awards – The Foodies, organised by our EU-level umbrella association FoodDrinkEurope.

The Foodies are the first ever European award to celebrate small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food and drink sector with a track record of excelling at sustainability. The awards are an initiative of FoodDrinkEurope which represents the industry at the European Level

Applications are open for three categories of award, they can be an innovation, idea, activity or charitable commitment:

Greener Planet: For an SME committed to reducing its environmental impact. This could be by way of an innovation, idea, activity or charitable commitment. It could be something that has led to reduced carbon emissions, sustainable sourcing, improved packaging or indeed any other commitment to a greener planet!

Healthier Living: For an SME committed to helping people and communities towards healthier living. This could be an innovation, idea, activity or charitable commitment. It could be a community initiative, a new nutritious product, a reformulated product or indeed anything connected to healthier living.

Next generation: For a young person or team with a start-up innovating in the food and agriculture space with an aim to create more resilient, sustainable, and safe food systems. 

These awards are a great opportunity to tell your sustainability story, boost your team’s morale after a difficult year, and take a chance to be a winner! Each application will also generate a charitable donation. Applications will take no more than 5 minutes. And remember, you can apply for more than one category.

So apply now by either filling out the form on the website or sending a Tweet to @FoodDrinkEU with a brief explanation of your project, video submissions are encouraged!

For all other information on The Foodies please visit the website or contact awards@fooddrinkeurope.eu.