The new generation continues to innovate!

For one more year the innovative ideas and the creativity of the young Greek students were demonstrated through the ECOTROPHELIA 2020 National Competition of eco-innovative food products, that is organized by SEVT and celebrates 10 years of successful presence in Greece. All participant teams showed great enthusiasm and passion and impressed the National Committee with their innovative spirit, the quality, as well as the special nutritional and ecological characteristics of their products.

This year, 11 groups of students from 7 Universities reached the final phase. The winners of this year’s competition were:

1st award, the product “O-live”, a unique and ecological type of breadsticks with five different filling flavors, consisted of 100% Greek fruits and vegetables - University of the Aegean, Food Science and Nutrition Department. The winners will represent our country at the ECOTROPHELIA 2020 European Competition.

2nd award, the product “PROATO”, oat milk beverage enriched with whey and casein protein and functional trace elements and vitamins - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Chemical Engineering.

3rd place, the product “NISSOS GUM”, a functional, sugar-free chewing gum, which offers complementary oral health protection, in mastiha or clementines flavour – Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

An honorary award for the “Best Presentation” was also given to the product “CrackTales”, an organic cereal/legume-based snack with spreads/marmalades that are made of organic fruits/vegetables - University of Thessaly.

An honorary award for the “Best Commercial & Marketing Plan” was also given to the product “Doozy”, delicious gluten free crackers boosted with probiotics, for a unique nutritious experience - University of Thessaloniki, Chemical Engineering Department & University of Thessaly, Architecture Department. 

For many years now, ECOTROPHELIA successfully achieves to bring together students, professors, researchers and professionals of the food sector and to become a source of innovative ideas for the Food Industry, in order to respond to new consumer needs.


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