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Ευρωπαϊκό Έργο FRESH:

Online Course for Agri food HR managers

SEVT participates at European Project FRESH which aims to to contribute to the reduction of skill mismatches in the agri-food industry, developing an on-line course for Agri food HR Managers.

The online course for Agri food HR managers will help them to develop new ways of managing their business with the leading edge tools in the sector. The course has been uploaded in the e-learning platform of the project in 5 languages (Greek, English, Spanish, French & Slovenian).

The structure of the course is the following:


Module 1: Staff Management

M1 Unit 1: Staff Planning

In this unit you will understand and know the background and framework of staff planning in the organisation based on business model, business plan, organisational structure and culture to manage strategic human resource cycle. Some of the sections this unit has are related to the Definition and Concept of Business Modelling and Planning and the Organisational Culture and how to develop it; Organisation Structures and Flow Charts and the creation of Job Descriptions are also part of it.

M1 Unit 2: Talent Management

In this unit you will learn how to manage the talent of an organisation in the way to utilise them to their full potential: how to attract, retain and boost talent in an organisation. This means understanding of the implementation of Talent Management in the Organisation and knowing selection and recruitment processes strategies so that you may attract the best talent around you.

M1 Unit 3: Staff Management Policies

In this unit you will learn how to design staff management policies and how to apply the appropriate performance assessment depending on each case. Also, how practically implement the learning organisation concept and lifelong learning by taking into account various aspects of knowledge management and training in the organisation. Two main aspects will be dealt with in this unit: performance assessment and training programmes.


Module 2: Labour Relations

M2 Unit 1: Legislation

In this unit you will learn how to independently conduct procedures with an employee according to the EU and national labour legislation including contracts, labour acts and government relation procedures. For that, you will have access to the European Labour Legislation available and that legislation of everyday employment matter in each of the partner’s countries of the FRESH project.

M2 Unit 2: Prevention of occupational risks

In this unit, you will learn how to observe and maintain conditions of safety and health an how to held a good strategy on occupational risk prevention in a job company. This will mainly include types of infractions, sanctions and costs and recognize the different types of violations within the Occupational Risk in each country.


Module 3: Corporate Social Responsibility

M3 Unit 1: Equality and Diversity

In this unit you will learn how to implement procedures to integrate CSR, equality and diversity in a small organisation. This will allow you to understand how to achieve a more sustainable business model by understanding the related EU and national legislation and financial and non-financial support in this filed. This includes concrete steps and materials of how to set up an Equality Plan in a company.

M3 Unit 2: Capacity and Best Practices

In this unit you will independently design and implement equality plan in the organisation based on the best practices in the Agrifood sector by having a look at real cases of integration in companies.   


Module 4: Employee Commitment

M4 Unit 1: Detection and analysis

In this unit you will learn how to implement a Working Climate Study. Moreover, it empathizes the importance of internal communication and ways of managing a good communication among employees, employers and the whole team within a company. It includes possible questionnaires for a Climate Study at work and instructions of how to implement it.

M4 Unit 2: Participation and involvement

In this unit you will learn how to implement strategies for participation and involvement in a company or organisation. The unit will also focus on the motivation factor and measures that can improve it, demotivate and the environment factors. As resources you can find team building exercises to apply in a company or group of people.

M4 Unit 3: Leadership

The unit of leadership gives an approach of the types of profiles and leadership that can be found on different types of organisations. It also deals with the types of organisation available and the role of a leader that would match.

M4 Unit 4: Wellness Policies

It covers issues such as communication in an organisation (types), teamwork and roles with a special emphasis in the Belbin Roles (importance of singularity of each employee) and tips and tricks of how to implement resolution conflicts in groups. As working document you can find materials of how to create a welfare programme and two key documents the Belbin Questionnaire and the Belbin Results table.