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ECOTROPHELIA 2019 - Award Ceremony

ECOTROPHELIA 2019 - Award Ceremony

The new generation innovates and stands out!

For one more year the innovative ideas and the creativity of the young Greek students were demonstrated through the ECOTROPHELIA 2019 National Competition of eco-innovative food products, that is organized by SEVT since 2011. All participant teams showed great enthusiasm and passion and impressed the National Committee with their innovative spirit, the quality, as well as the special nutritional and ecological characteristics of their products. The team of the Agricultural University of Athens won the 1st place and they will represent our country at the ECOTROPHELIA 2019 European Competition, which will take place during "ANUGA" International Fair in Cologne, in Germany, on 6 & 7/10/2019.

This year, 9 groups of students from 8 Universities reached the final phase. On the day of the ceremony, the products of all teams were also demonstrated to the public, in a special room, and impressed all attendees. 

The winners of this year’s competition were:

1st award and the “Best Commercial & Marketing Plan” award, the product “GReatings: a Ready-To-Cook meal-pot, consisted of discrete dried ingredients, which may be instantly reconstituted by just adding hot water, rendering to diverted traditional, nutritious, and indulgent meals” – Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition .

2nd award, the product “Coofie: a ready to eat biscuit with unique and exquisite taste made with natural ingredients, characterized as low fat, low saturated fat, low sodium/salt and high in fiber. It is formulated to promote the consumption of fibers especially in gluten free diets" - National Technical University of Athens,School of Chemical Engineering.

3rd place, the product “HOLI BEAN: a savory paste of fermented white beans, extra virgin olive oil and spices. It is a vegan spread, non-dairy alternative, naturally rich in probiotics, antioxidants, antithrombotic agents, fiber and vitamins” – Harokopio University, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics.

An honorary award for the “Best Presentation” was also given to the product ROBUSTUS: an ecological nutritious energy drink that contains traditional ingredients from Mediterranean earth (pomegranate juice, carob honey, essential mint oil) and certified organic plant extracts of herbs (olive leaf, lavender and thyme)”- University of the Aegean, Food Science and Nutrition Department. 

For many years now, the competition ECOTROPHELIA successfully achieves to bring together students, teachers, researchers and professionals of the food sector and to become a source of innovative ideas for the Food Industry, in order to respond to new consumer needs.

The event was sponsored by the companies: KARAMOLEGOS BAKERY S.A., YIOTIS S.A., DELTA FOODS S.A., ION S.A., COCA-COLA HBC AG.

Media sponsors: KATHIMERINI, ERT, PROTO PROGRAMMA, epixeiro.gr, Athens News Agency - Macedonian Press Agency.

You may find below the video with the products.