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Nourish with Love Food Donation Scheme

'Nourish with Love' Food Donation Scheme

YIOTIS S.A. supports Greek society

Through its 'Nourish with Love' food donation scheme, YIOTIS S.A. offers actual love and support to Greek families and Greek society. True to its values and with the sensitivity it has shown to societal issues over the years, it is constantly giving back to society, consistently bolstering its positive impact on the community.

The main pillar of its CSR programme is to provide support every year to child-related charities and foundations. Against that background, each and every month, all year round YIOTIS S.A. donates food products such as baby and children’s foods, cooking and patisserie products, desserts, etc. to:

The Smile of the Child and in particular to the children living in its five homes in Attica to meet their dietary needs.

The Kindergarten run by the charity Friends of the Child. JOTIS products are served at the children’s three daily meals. For these young children, who mostly come from a disadvantaged family environment, this daily meal is an important aid to their physical and mental development.

The Theotokos Foundation for the Protection of Children and Young People with Developmental Disorders to enable it to run educational programmes in cooking and baking and to meet the food needs of those the Foundation assists.

The Peristeri Holy Metropolis for common meals and monthly food deliveries to those most in need.

YIOTIS S.A. also supports the Food Bank by donating its products and supporting actions to reduce food waste.

In addition to its regular donations, YIOTIS S.A.'s “Nourish with Love” scheme supports the work of hundreds of other charitable organisations and the company is there at the side of thousands of people in need, with a particular emphasis on supporting vulnerable children and families. It also responds rapidly to national emergencies and humanitarian crises. It is estimated that over the last 3 years the company has supported more than 360 societal organisations such as municipal social grocery stores, foundations, non-profit organisations and others across Greece and has made more than 1,450,000 food and beverage servings and 30 tons of flour available.

JOTIS's “Nourish with Love” food donation scheme continues unabated in 2023. The company has already made more than 60 food donations to societal organisations and is continuing its unwavering support for the Smile of the Child, the Theotokos Foundation and the Friends of the Child Kindergarten, as well as the Holy Metropolis of Peristeri. Moreover, as always in cases of emergencies, it sent food to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria via the 'Together we can' campaign.

As a company that recognises the particular difficulties Greek society is facing, YIOTIS S.A. continues to make its own steadfast contribution through its food donation scheme and to nourish our fellow citizens with love!