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The Ark of the World

support for 2nd consecutive year

YIOTIS S.A. true to its timeless commitment, to supporting vulnerable social groups, especially children, continues its food donation program, for the 2nd consecutive year, to support the 230 children of the Ark of the World, in Greece, covering their nutritional needs, by offering JOTIS products, all year round.

The Ark of the World, which currently has 9 hostels for full-day (closed) accommodation in Attica, Epirus, Volos, Chios, and Kalamata is a work of life and love of Father Antonios, who ensures that the children have shelter, food, and education. At the same time, he, and the volunteers of the Ark, have as a top priority the treatment of the mental traumas of these abandoned children, to develop an emotionally and mentally healthy personality. 

Among the JOTIS products offered every month to the Ark of the World are: Mashed Potatoes, Béchamel, Flour for All Uses, Farina, Beverages for Children, Anthos Aravositou pudding, Fruit Jelly, Cakes, Crepes, as well as other desserts. During these 2 years of supporting the Ark of the World with JOTIS products, the company has provided over 230.000 portions of food and 2.5 tons of flour.

Regarding the continuation of the donation from YIOTIS S.A., Father Antonios stated: "The constant support given to us by YIOTIS company is, mainly, an offer of strength and encouragement to continue our efforts. On behalf of all the children, we thank them for their love and generosity”.

The Food Donation Program is a timeless pillar of YIOTIS’s Corporate Social Responsibility, to support society and people in need.