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Fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment

to the Drymonas-Almyros Echelon

Loulis Food Ingredients, wishing to be of assistance in the more effective performance of the duties of the Fire Brigade on Wednesday 20 July 2022, donated FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT to the Drymonas-Almyros Echelon to be used primarily for the wider area of ​​Almyros and where it is deemed operationally necessary, at the level Prefecture or Region.

As Mr. Nikos Loulis, Board Chairman of Loulis Food Ingredients stated: "Sticking to our commitments with respect to values, tradition, people and the environment and as a further expression of the practical awareness shown by the Fire Brigade with its actions and mission, we have developed in recent years a particularly cordial cooperation with the Drymonas Fire Department. In this context, training meetings have been held, with the aim both of informing our employees about the appropriate methods and means of fire safety in the inevitable event of a fire at our facilities, as well as for the practical training of the fire officers".

Loulis Food Ingredients once again demonstrates in practice its commitment to support and strengthen society, the economy and the environment, while aiming to integrate the principles of sustainable development into its daily operations, contributing positively to the well-being of future generations.