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Kri Kri Super Spoon

Your power in one delicious spoonful, now with less sugars!

In recent years, more and more consumers have turned to nutritional choices that provide added value for their bodies. The Super Spoon range of functional yoghurts is the answer to today’s emerging consumer needs. Having in mind the continuous development and improvement of our products, and guided by the recommendations of experts, we have reduced the sugar content in our favorite range. 

More specifically, the Kri Kri Super Spoon High Protein yoghurts, the range of functional products that combine 0% strained yoghurt from fresh milk with a high protein content and the unique properties of superfoods, now contains less sugar.  The overall reduction of sugars in the original formulation of the products is up to 16% until today, with individual codes exceeding 20%, while our effort to reduce them even further remains a priority.       

The range is completed with White Super Spoon High Protein 0%, a full and balanced high protein, fat-free meal, with 21g of natural protein per cup, which is specially formulated without added sugar. At the same time, Super Spoon Vitamins Plus with strawberry flavor is also specially formulated without added sugar, but only natural sugars, and it is enriched with vitamins D, B12, B6 & folic acid, calcium and magnesium, elements that contribute to the good function of the immune system.