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Yoghurt desserts for children with reduced sugars

We may have been leaders in the field of children's yoghurt desserts for years, but we are not complacent. Remaining true to our principles of producing high nutritional value products, respecting consumers, and following the recommendations of experts to reduce sugar, we have reduced sugars in our yoghurt desserts for children. More specifically, we reduced the total sugars in the product Kri Kri Kids Scooby Doo by 13% and removed all additives (such as acidity regulators, colors, preservatives). At the same time, we added vitamin D and created a product with only natural ingredients and 100% Greek fresh milk. We followed the same course for our Kri Kri Kids Peppa Pig range, the only difference being that here we reduced sugars by 32%.

We have thus created a full range of yoghurt desserts for children, with or without an overcup, which meet the taste preferences of young consumers, as well as the parents’ standards for healthy nutrition.