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Kri Kri Babies My first yoghurt
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Kri Kri Babies My first yoghurt

The 1st yoghurt specially designed for babies

In recent years, there has been a general awareness of baby and children’s nutrition issues. It is undeniable that a correct and balanced diet alongside the establishment of healthy habits from an early age, are the foundations for proper development and long-term good health. Specifically, yoghurt is one such healthy and nutritious option. In fact, according to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for baby nutrition, yoghurt is recommended from the 6th month of age (either as breakfast or as an afternoon meal), while foods with added sugar, such as yoghurt desserts, should be avoided during the 1st year of life. Awareness regarding sugar-free foods is an important trend, which we at Kri Kri have identified and used to the best of our advantage.  

We created Kri Kri Babies “My first yoghurt”, the first yoghurt specifically designed for babies from 6 months and older, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization for baby nutrition, with the scientific guidance of the Hellenic College of Pediatricians, in order to meet the special nutritional requirements of babies, which differ significantly from those of an adult. Kri Kri Babies “My first yoghurt” is the first baby yoghurt, not a yoghurt dessert, that has a special production license from the National Organization for Medicines. It does not contain any additives or added sugars (only natural milk sugars). It contains mild cultures and the LGG lactobacillus, and it is made with 100% Greek fresh milk sourced from selected farms, which then becomes yoghurt in just 24 hours from delivery.

We are committed to continue to develop products of high nutritional value, driven by innovation and the needs of our consumers, both in Greece and abroad.