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Nursery of the “Friends of the Child”

Nursery of the “Friends of the Child”

charity for the 8th year

YIOTIS S.A. is firmly committed to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility actions which benefit children and families in need, and for the 8th consecutive year offers its support to the Nursery run by the “Friends of the Child” charity. This ongoing support includes the donation of food products to help meet the annual nutritional requirements of children attending the nursery.

As Mr. Marios Papathanassiou, Commercial Manager of YIOTIS S.A. said: “Our company has a practical, proven sensitivity to the most vulnerable population groups, especially children. Today in particular, when needs are increasing, we are particularly pleased that we can meet the food needs of young children who need support. On this occasion, we would like to congratulate the “Friends of the Child” charity for the care they provide so generously and effectively to children and their families”.

For her part, Ms. Natasa Papakonstantinou, Director of the “Friends of the Child” nursery said: “We want to express a very heartfelt, large “thank you” to YIOTIS S.A. and its executives who have been on our side for so many years, supporting our efforts with great willingness and discretion. The company offers its beloved products ensuring we can provide three daily meals for children (breakfast, lunch and evening meals) thereby helping them meet their basic nutritional needs. Especially for children of these ages who live mostly in a disadvantaged family environment, these daily meals are a major boost to their physical and mental development. We are deeply moved and honoured by this valuable long-term action”. 

 A few words about the Charity

The “Friends of the Child” charity was established in 1987 and today supports more than 250 impoverished families with children every month. In 2007 it set up a model nursery where through play and activities, children can get respite from violence and neglect and grow up in a normal environment.