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KARAMOLEGOS & Corporate Social Responsibility

KARAMOLEGOS & Corporate Social Responsibility

The responsibility of each company is not limited to being successful in its field of activity, but it also has to do with its social contribution.

For KARAMOLEGOS Company, Corporate Social Responsibility is to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local communities, etc.) in a balanced way, for the benefit of both the society and the company. In this context, KARAMOLEGOS SA has set its Corporate Social Responsibility practices as part of its strategic planning, undertaking responsible initiatives and developing specific policies.

Nowdays, CSR commitment has become even more relevant, as our country is facing a very serious crisis, at economic and humanitarian level. Against the headwinds, against all those who believe that a crisis can bend humanity and the will to help, KARAMOLEGOS S.A. proves in practice that deficits are found only in budgets, not in feelings or desire to help.

In this context, the Company supports many social structures through the free distribution of products. More specifically, for the period 2019-2021, the Company has supported (and continues to support) the Homeless Reception Center of the Municipality of Athens, numerous social groceries, meals organized by the church, institutions against poverty, orphanages, nursing homes, special schools, NGOs and other social related initiatives.

The Company has also supported: the National Health System, during the COVID pandemic, through donations of equipment to hospitals, people affected by the earthquakes, educational institutions, the fire services, etc.