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Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable development is a strategic choice of SEVT and Food Industry which is based on social cohesion and environmental responsibility. Food Industry through its initiatives and efforts formulates and implements a long-term environmental strategy for climate change by implementing energy-efficient technologies, preventing water and food waste and increasing the use of renewable energy sources, with a view to improve its environmental performance and to increase its competitiveness through the adoption of the circular economy principles.

Environment and Sustainability Committee

Database on Environmental Legislation

The Environmental & Sustainability Cmt has developed the Environmental Legislation Database with the aim of continuously and effectively informing SEVT members on the environmental legislation at national and European level. It is a friendly and easy-to-use platform where search can be done by theme area or key words which is constantly updated.

Energy Audits Guide 

The Environmental & Sustainability Cmt has developed an easy-to-use guide to carry out Energy Audits.

European Projects

SEVT participation in European and national projects provides useful and up-to-date information on environmental issues and enables the development of actions that help food companies to improve their environmental performance.