Reducing food waste is one of the most important challenges that the Food Industry is currently facing.

Food waste has serious impacts on the environment, the economy and society, and concerns all stages of the supply chain, from primary production to the final consumer. It is also raised by EU in the European Strategy "Farm to Fork" and it is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 2 for Zero Hunger).

The Food & Drink Industry, at European and national level, contributes to foodwaste prevention and reduction, both at the production process and by developing synergies to support related actions. 

For the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries and its Members-companies it is a top priority. SEVT believes that consumers need to develop new habits, on how to manage their shopping and how to use food at home in order to contribute substantially to a world without food waste. Household food waste is a priority, because when food is thrown away, all the resources and efforts put for producing it are wasted.

In this context, a long successful collaboration with recognised organizations is being developed and related actions are in place. The objective of the joint efforts is to inform and raise awareness among consumers and to help people in need.

Food Bank

SEVT supports the mission of the Greek Food Banks since the beginning. The collaboration with FB well organized network (6 branches in Greece)  highlights the strong impact of their work for the society.

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Food Saving Alliance

The Food Saving Alliance is a joint effort of various stakeholders, with multiplying dynamics, that have a common goal to prevent and reduce the phenomenon in our country. The Alliance is under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and SEVT is one of its founding members.  

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Food labeling & waste prevention

Understanding the information on food labels can contribute to waste reduction. SEVT supports consumer information (leaflet).