A balanced diet and its contribution to healthy living is a major challenge and can only be achieved if all stakeholders collaborate and engage on a voluntary basis, in order to offer to consumers healthier choices. 

The role of the Food & Drink Industry is to provide to consumers products of high quality, safe and affordable, that meet their increasing needs. Dietary behaviours are related to various socio-economic and environmental factors that affect consumers. The rise of obesity and other non-communicable diseases in the European population is very high and continues to increase.  To address the issue, the Food and Drink Industries have already developed, supported and encouraged key initiatives within the European Platform for Action on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health. 

These include voluntary commitments and initiatives, such as redesigning existing and developing new innovative products, providing nutritional information, and promoting best practices for responsible marketing. SEVT believes that a multi-stakeholder approach is the most effective strategy to address the major societal challenges related to nutrition and health. Joint efforts, resources and forces could lead to the common goal of balanced and healthy nutrition & lifestyle.