SEVT represents the Greek Food & Drink Industry on national, European and international level. It consists of food and drink companies and sector associations.


The mission of SEVT is to facilitate the development of a friendly enabling business environment that attracts investments. A framework where all food and drink companies, whatever their size, can operate responsibly in order to respond to the increasing needs of both consumers and society, while competing effectively towards a sustainable and inclusive growth.

The work of the Federation is based on sound scientific research, robust data management and effective communication, within the EU regulatory context, to ensure that all food and drink policy issues are dealt with a holistic manner. The main priorities safeguarded by SEVT include food safety and quality, nutrition and health, consumers’ trust, competitiveness, research and innovation, sustainabe growth, digitalization and of course people.

SEVT operates in close collaboration with its members, as an active, committed and responsible partner.  It aims to increase the recognition of its key role for the food industry, through the promotion of its cultural and social values, as well as its wealth, diversity and traditions. By combining the Greek food sector heritage with innovation for the future, SEVT and its members aim to strengthen the industry’s competitive advantage in satisfying consumers’ needs by producing safe, affordable, healthy and sustainable products. SEVT also wishes to enhance consumers’ trust in the Greek Food & Drink Industry for its significant contribution to their daily lives in Greece and abroad.

The Food & Drink Industry is among the leading manufacturing sectors in Greece, in terms of turnover, added value and productivity and a key job provider. It remains a stable, competitive, resilient and robust sector, yet open to new challenges and opportunities.