Competitiveness & Extroversion

Modern entrepreneurship, represented by SEVT, is a factor of stability, it contributes substantially to the recovery of the economy, it generates surplus value, it protects and creates sustainable jobs, supporting in a variety of ways the Greek society and prosperity.

Digital Transformation

Food and Drink Industry monitors and follows the digital transition, it takes advantage of new technologies and implements important interventions and reforms.

European Networking

SEVT, as a well-established social partner, is following developments and is actively involved at European level, where vital decisions are made every day for the future of the food and drink industry.

Nutrition & Health

A balanced diet and its contribution to healthy living is one of the most important challenges and can only be achieved if we all work together and make voluntary commitments to offer consumers healthier choices.

People & Skills

The competitiveness of the food & drink sector is directly linked to its people and their development is a priority.

Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation help Food & Drink Industry cope with modern challenges, as they are a pillar of growth, extroversion and employment and a tool for meeting consumer trends.

Safety & Quality

Safety and quality of products throughout the food chain is a primary objective of the Food & Drink Industry.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable development is a major global challenge and a new growth model which involves all stakeholders in order to ensure a balanced economic activity combined with environmental responsibility and social cohesion.