The Greek Food and Beverage Industry invests in innovative and sustainable production methods, recognizing the increased nutritional needs of consumers, as well as the new social and environmental requirements. Thus, food & drink companies undertake initiatives and voluntary commitments in order to contribute to the transition towards more balanced diets and healthy eating habits.

To promote the Reformulation initiatives of the Food & Drink Industry, SEVT:

  • Created this section, where Best Practices of the Members are posted.
  • Hosts those Best Practices in the monthly electronic newsletter of the Federation.

Reformulation best practices

Investment in research and technology

Kri Kri Babies My first yoghurt

The 1st yoghurt specially designed for babies

Kri Kri Super Spoon

Your power in one delicious spoonful, now with less sugars!

Reformulation good practices

Kri Kri Kids

We may have been leaders in the field of children’s yoghurt desserts for years, but we are not complacent. Remaining true to our principles of producing high nutritional value products, […]