SEVT is participating in European and National projects independently or as member of SPES GEIE and ECOTROPHELIA EEIG. SPES GEIE (Spread European Safety) committee is consisted by 9 National Federations (FEDERALIMENTARE-Italy, ΑΝΙΑ-France, FFDI-Checz Republic, FIAA/LVA- Austria, FIAB-Spain, FIPA-Portugal, SETBIR-Turkey, SEVT-Greece, CCIS-CAFÉ-Slovenia) and aims to develop a common strategy in order to enhance research and innovation in the Food Sector as well as to bridge the gap between the Food Idustry and the Research Community by making the National Federations the connecting link.

ECOTROPHELIA Europe EEIG is a European Economic Interest Grouping that aims to unite stakeholders from different Member States together around a common objective and brings together food industry actors from eight different countries to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the European food industry through implementing and developing innovative programmes. ECOTROPHELIA EEIG is consisted of 9 members (SEVT/ Greece, ΑΝΙΑ/ France, FIAB/ Spain, CCIS-CAFÉ/ Slovenia, FEVIA/ Belgium, FII/ Iceland, LVA/ Austria, Food Drink Europe & EIT FOOD).

The participation of SEVT and its Members in projects is of great importance and contributes to the further development and competitiveness of the Greek Food Industry.